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Your best choice for embroidery digitizing and vector conversion services.

7vector.com is a graphic art company in CHINA. We Specialize In Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Artwork Conversion, We Provide Internet 7 X 24 Hours On-Line Service For Global Business.

We provide high quality bitmap to vector conversion services at reasonable price. Our raster to vector conversions are manually hand drawn, creating superior image quality as opposed to using automated software. Your converted vector logo will be a small file size meaning that it will be ready for print production and will be suitable for just about every other use you can think of.

We are a talented and experienced team of people fascinated by embroidery. Our digitized have more than 10-years experience in embroidery digitizing. We provide good quality digitizing services at reasonable prices. We give fast estimates, quick turnaround time and offer a wide range of design formats to accommodate your embroidery needs.

Vector art and Embroidery Digitizing services

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